Given that you’re here, you may find these resources helpful.

Annual Health Survey (AHS)

Conducted between 2010 and 2013, the AHS is a three-round panel of over four million households in nine high-fertility, high-mortality states in north India. The questionnaires, consistent across round, were designed to evaluate the impact of major reforms to maternal and child health services in India. I was part of a team of UT researchers that cleaned and assembled the raw files released by the Government of India in 2015. The data are available for download through ICPSR.


Undergraduate Research Fellowships in Economics

Sam Stripling and I started a program to give undergraduates at UT a chance to gain research experience in economics. Selected fellows—it’s rather competitive—are paired with a PhD student based on research interests. It’s a great opportunity for undergraduates to get familiar with a literature, pick up some coding skills, or just observe the fascinating lives of graduate students. The program runs every semester, including a summer session. Check the Economics Department’s undergraduate newsletters for application deadlines and instructions and feel free to contact us with questions. You can also visit our fundraising page for more information, including sponsorship opportunities.